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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Over and out

The top is fine though. I got it sanded today.

Sides continued...

New wood cut to length and bent. This weary builder needs a cheese

With any luck, the sides are ok, the scarf joint is good, and my wife
has left me some cheese...

Sides destroyed...

All went well til the last few inches. A cracking noise woke me from
my dreams of a totally succesful day. Cufk tish sips.

Now where's that spare mahogany...

Bending sides

So the sides got sanded to proper thickness, and I'm gonna bend 'em!

A burst of activity!

This, possibly the worst pic on the web, shows the scarf joint on the
neck. It's lying on the sander, that unexpectedly decided to work a
lot better today.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thickness sander upgraded

I was gonna sand the spruce top for Jukkas tenor today when the height
adjustment screw finally gave up. It took a beating when I sanded the
last couple of fretboards. So I took parts from a scaffolding clamp I
found outside (work is under way on the facades of my building),
chopped it up and made a screw 30 times sturdier.

Now I really need a proper motor. Or at least a better way to mount
the power drill. Those discs that go onto the axis, for the what's-it-in-

Friday, April 3, 2009

Almost done!

Tonight I'm gonna drill holes through the bridges, and string 'em up!

Robban and Ronald might want to bring empty cases on sunday.

Back planed

So here's back and sides for Jukkas tenor. Back has been hand planed
to 3-4 mm, and is ready for the sander.

Side piece was planed in the machine, and will also be sanded.