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Friday, March 24, 2017

Back [in black]

Did I ever say this blog is a warts-and-all narrative of my building escapades? I did didn't I. So be prepared for a few all-warts posts then. The truth is I have received the first known Argapa in need of a neck reset. Sensitive viewers be warned, there will be pics from the operating theatre. I don't know yet how much text there will be mitigating the impact of the pictures, to be honest it's quite difficult to write about it. 

About the neck in question, I blame it on a simple curse from cruel gods who got pissed off by my hubris earlier this year. 

But first let me show you the good news that after all exists - the shruti box pedal is done and it works. 

Now a couple of gruesome pics. 

Wait, it gets worse!

Fanx for reading. Peace.