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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Slow but unsteady

We’re having the worst heatwave I can remember. I have to stay in the shade and take it as easy as possible. But I made the bridge (twice) and glued it on (twice). I started finishing (twice) and stripped off the finish (once). 

And I made the six holes and reamed them for the set of Wittner Fein tuners I got from Germany. More about them later. 

And I took my Dobro tenor guitar apart to service it some. I wanted to make a bone nut and try different strings. Now it sounds better but I might change the strings to get a wee bit more tension on the cone. 

Here’s the saddle slot in the spider, it was super rough so I trued it up and recessed the screw. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Vacation time, continued

I’m back in Sweden, at the summer house with the best view. I brought the mock lute and a set of tools that’ll let me finish it. If all goes well..!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Luthier on the run

Believe it or not, even your favourite hardest working luthier needs a break now and then. So I packed a case with three ukes and went to Italy via Paris. In Paris I was invited to a uke jam in the 11th arrondissement, first pic shows the ukes putside the pub. 

I played alongside a pretty stern and extremely loud gentleman, so that was three traits we didn’t share. I’m lax, quiet and no gentleman. They went through songs as if there was no tomorrow, never pausing for beer. It was unlike any gathering I’ve been to. 

And here’s the view of today. The pool, the crossword, the fugly wanderer and the insane mountain behind it all. I’ll see how long I can lie flat before looking for the tool store. 

Bonus pic: in Paris I was happy to learn they really care for their metal heads. This is the Maison des Metallos, surely a home for worn out headbangers where they can be fed diluted beer and Carcass on low volume.