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Models and pricing

I have had a bit of trouble deciding upon prices; am I competing with full time builders or even damaging their market, should I take into account all the hours I actually spend, or should I just give ukes away to stop them from piling up at home.

I've reached some sort of compromise I think. Below are typical prices for the different sizes, built from semi-expensive woods and parts and with a hand rubbed shellac finish. All ukes have the characteristic Argapa sound, "one size löuder".

Piccolo, of cherry - 3500 SEK
Soprano, cherry or mahogany - 4200 SEK
Concert and tenor - 5000 SEK
Resonators, soprano scale - these are built in small numbers and individually priced.

The koa sets I have, all soprano size, I've bought from abroad. This will increase the price a bit. Also, fretboards of ebony are more expensive for me to get than those of rosewood. But in the end it'll all be a bit jumbled.

These are just rough figures. Depending on what happens prices can go up or down.

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