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About me, and Argapa Ukuleles

Argapa Ukuleles is not a manufacturer comparable to bigger and well known brands. I make the instruments in my spare time, and between the day job and the kids I don't have too much of that. I have sold most of the ukes I've built so far, and I have an order list that will keep me occupied a while. After I'm done with that I will attempt to build un-ordered ukuleles and decide everything about them myself. If anyone is interested when I'm done with one I'll consider selling it.

I've built around 40 75 95 instruments so far, as of february 2012 August 2014 May 2016. My workshop is in my apartment, and slowly it gets more well equipped. I have a thing for tools, and most of the revenue is used to buy more.

Feel free to get in touch, you'll find my email address on the front page of the blog. I'm always happy to discuss building methods and tool choices, and if you are too then write me.

Thanks for the interest in the blog, and my instruments.

Sven Nyström