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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back braces

Well I'm back after more than a few days. Had to work hard at home
with building a new wall with wardrobes and cupboards, and my day job
is sadly enough evolving into a day and night job... To many houses to
draw at the same time.

And my sweet kids. Every time they exhale they call "DAD!"

So when is a poor man gonna build his commissioned ukuleles? I don't
know. But tonight the back braces / ribs finally got in place. They're
a bit thicker than the soundboard braces, and they're notched into the
linings. Something ought to provide some structural integrity on these
ladies, and sides and back are really thin. So the braces should make
sure the domed back doesn't cave in, and also make sure the sides are
connected across the body.

I really want a scrub plane. Anyone wants to lose one?

And note the nice shavings on the pic. I love those. That makes me a
nut, I know.

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