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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My biggest mess-up this far

The one mistake you can't hide or live with. The bridge somehow
slipped during cure time and ended up at an angle. One corner of it
was 1.5 mm further away from the nut than the other.

Luckily I managed to pop it off before the glue was totally dry and

And why this sloppiness? I was in a slight hurry this afternoon. I was
on my way to play ukulele with some guys.

Good thing 1 in this shit misery: it won't show or affect the uke.
Neither the top nor the bridge was damaged.

Good thing 2: the bridge clamp works wonders. This was the best fit I
ever achieved. Wouldn't even have been necessary with a string through
solution. Speaking of which, there is that smart strategy with
drilling two of the holes and to use brads during glueing. Ought to try.

My choice to publish this may be ill adviced. I'll seem like a hack.

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