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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Planing a fretboard - pure therapy

Today was a shit day. Yesterday was even shittier. In fact, the last
days have been the worst two of my professional carreer. With the
brilliant exception of today's lunch break with BaronK.

I was going to work late tonight to get some projects done but figured
it would kill me and then give me swine flu.

So I went home, had dinner with my family and then went down and
planed the rosewood fretboard that's going on Melker's tenor.

My mood got better as the board got thinner and smoother. When it was
time for the scraper I was really happy. And who wouldn't be - look at
the nice multicolored shavings!

Best 20 minutes in 60 hours.

Zyliss vise turned upside down, plane was the Little Victor that I
like so much, and my scraper has two of the corners rounded off for
working on larger surfaces like soundboards.

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