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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A mess that defies belief...

In it can be seen, barely and left to right:
- Fourth piccolo sides, with end block glued in.
- Thick piece of basswood bent to be sliced and used as solid linings.
- Alder sides for Andy's soprano, with blocks glued.
- Two almost ready piccolos. The one with the strings awaits final
- Walnut sides for pineapple, blocks glued.
- Neck for pineapple, with maple stripe.
- Back and soundboard for pineapple, sanded to thickness in my sander.
- Alder neck with mahogany stripe.
- Soundboard and back of alder, sanded to thickness.
- Robert's piccolo with the back glued, ready for fret slotting with
the perspex jig.

I really ought to finish some of them.

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