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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random progress

Well it certainly ain't boring, working on three or more ukes at a
time. As soon as some glue is setting on one, I can do stuff on
another. And it really helps to have different sorts on the bench -
the pineapple is very different from the rest, and the woods I use at
the moment are different too.

Alder carves extremely easy and won't splinter. Walnut sands easily
but is harder to carve; and cherry is somewhere in between. I'm really
curious about how alder takes the finish, I know the others will be

Sooo... a long weekend spent mostly in the shop has led to:
-Fretboard with bar frets on alder uke
-Sides cut and sanded on pineapple
-Bolt-on neck mounted on pineapple
-Neck mounted on fourth piccolo
-Early piccolos set up.

The frets on Andy's fretboard are the best I've done when it comes to
bar frets. It helps being a hobby builder and not having to depend on
ukes to pay the rent, bar frets wouldn't be an option if that was the

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