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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dust evacuation when sanding by hand

From left to right: my multi radiused sanding gizmo, a make-shift sanding stick, an abranet mesh, the abranet standard block with the hose connected, and a home made velcro-clad tube with holes in it. While the first two are completely fine for outdoor use, the abranet system really wins during winter. The drawback is of course the noise from the shopvac, but I have one that's quite silent.

This also saves my nostrils which have been acting a bit strangely. Ever since I sanded some black walnut, a wood famous for its toxic dust.

I am not sponsored by Mirka, who makes the system, this is to be regarded as a tip for others who build at home. And who are lazy enough not to use a mask while sanding.

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