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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grant's 'ook-oh lay-lee strung up

That's my new spelling, innit!

It was hard enough putting it down for the time it took to take the pic, so descriptions will be made in the upcoming video. Watch fb and the forums. I must try to record the sound with my Zoom, and then sync and... hm. Might actually be built in mic as usual.


Howlin' Hobbit said...

to sync sound from your Zoom:

1) start your camera, wait a few seconds...
2) start your Zoom
3) starting with your arms rather widely spread apart, quickly clap your hands once, pulling your hands apart as soon as you clap. (i.e. there's a rather exaggerated arm movement going on)
4) record your video and audio
5) load video into your editor
6) import audio into your editor

in your video editing software (I use iMovie) you'll see two things.

first, there'll be a huge, visible spike in the audio where you clapped.

second, by stepping through the video frame-by-frame you'll note that there's only one frame where your hands are actually together. in other words you'll see your hands coming together and then going apart and you can zero in on the one frame where they're still.

leave the video cursor thingy in that place and drag the audio until that audio spike lines up with the cursor.

lock the audio to the video so you don't accidentally slide one or the other out of position.


Sven Nyström said...

Thanks so much! But... I'm in iMovie. *sniffle*

Howlin' Hobbit said...

errrm...Sven... iMovie is what I'm using too.

trust me, the process I outlined works like a champ.

furthermore, I have two cameras and often use both of them for the videos I make. the process is exactly the same except I use the point where my hands are together as the "zero point" and make one of the two videos my "main" and just do the math when I'm snipping out pieces from the secondary (and main) video to slide the secondary bit in.

this keeps the audio in sync with the whole edited together thing.

or did you perhaps mean to say "I'm not in iMovie? even then I'm pretty sure your video editing software allows a separate soundtrack and also will give you an hours:mins:seconds:frames readout of where you are in the video.

Sven Nyström said...

Thanks so much for trying to teach me! It would be great if I could improve. Yes - I'm in iMovie. Trouble is I can't find a way to nudge the soundtrack by small steps. I can just find the cmd+R stuff, dragging the starting pont of the soundtrack. Never saw frame by frame timelines, just seconds or 5, 10, 30 second squares.

Is there separate modes, like I'm in idiot setting and you work in expert setting?

Again, thanks. Your discounts have hit Silly Level.


Howlin' Hobbit said...

use the left and right arrow keys to move frame by frame through the currently highlighted video clip.

simply drag the soundtrack to match up that spike with the video clip cursor.

Sven Nyström said...

I've read your comments and learnt a lot. I also read some articles on iMovie 08. I think it will be better next time. Thanks again. Next piccolo has your name on it.