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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bending sides, my method pt 1

When I make two piece soprano sides, I whip out ye olde bending machine. There are scattered pics around this blog but tonight I'll make two posts with some pics of the different steps.

First pic is of how I wet the piece of koa. I don't soak it, just give it a quick rinse.

Then I wrap it in aluminium foil, keeping the neck end marked with an N, and the inside with an I. 

Third pic shows the ready package. The I is replaced with a U, for outside (in Swedish). The line is the waist location.

I bend with a heating blanket I got made for this bender. First the side is clamped gently with the waist caul.

The last pic in this post shows the very nice control unit my father in law made for me. He explained how it works but I didn't understand. But when I slide the thing on top of the other thing, it controls the heat.

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