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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fretboard, preparation

These pics are a couple of days old, but I forgot to post them. The first one shows the slotted board with the small position markers I've come to like. They're made of the same 1.6 mm styrene rod I use for side markers.

The second pic shows how two of the rods protrude on the underside. I do like this: first I mark all the spots, then I drill right through the fretboard. Then I place it on the neck, and carefully check that everything lines up. I hold it in place and drill through the holes at third and tenth fret so I get corresponding holes in the neck.

The rod is glued in the holes, and cut off to make markers. And, of course, two of them are left protruding.

This is the second time I do this, fretting is a wee bit more complicated due to the rods, but glueing the finished board is a breeze. No more slipping around, and no miniscule brads in fret slots or something like that.
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