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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Various stuff

Oh what strange going-ons. I'll present them evilly backwards since I've listened to nothing but death metal today. So "first" we have the strange invention that was the Martin backpacker uke. (Yes, a portable ukulele. Now we wait for the pocket harmonica.)

Anyway, a friend had it, his kid stepped on it, and I got it. The mahogany soundboard was shattered so I took the remains off and put a spruce soundboard on. With a novelty soundhole. I have no idea what to do with this one after it's finished.

Next is a uke that wants to look like a lute. Because I have a friend who is a medieval jester. But hey, who hasn't? It'll be a one-off, but I think it's gonna be nice.

And then finally number 53, the un-ordered soprano that got ordered during building. I polished it and strung it up, and I must say it served its purpose. I wanted to build it for my own sake, with the intent of getting the joy back into building. And it's a bit quirky, the first soprano with a one piece rim, and some elaborate-ish carving efforts on the neck.

And it sounds GREAT. I am so glad I made it.

(Not to be seen is a couple of piccolos I'm working on. One of them is half done, the other a wee bit behind. I don't build them exactly parallell anymore, for reasons I've ranted about before.)
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