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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Progress on miniatures

The sides got a heel block, and then the backs were glued, one at each edge. Now I cut the assembly in half to make it into two bodies. Maybe I'll put spruce soundboards on these, just for fun.

If you look at the necks carefully, you'll see that they're not exactly alike. I got a very wide neck blank out of that waste chunk in a previous post, so I sliced off two outer sections and glued them together with a single pinstripe. That means I could get four mini necks out of the waste chunk... But two's enough for now.

I'll mention once more that at least one of these will go to the raffle at Hollesley. If enough people know about this plan I can't chicken out and keep them both!

I think they will be playable. And exquisite.
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