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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last weeks going-ons

Since I bent those sides on monday morning, I've done a bit more. The Argapa soprano no. 1 excluded of course, it's just there for some measuring.

From left: the koa concert top with its nifty rosette, a piccolo neck, a piccolo top braced and with the rim glued on.

And then the major effort, the resonator sides are glued to the plywood skeletons. This is very very fiddly to get right with the bookmatched butt and the waist going into the curve of the plywood parts. But making the sides in two halves is a lot easier than making one-piece rims for these. I've done that a couple of times and swore a lot.

And to the right is a couple of neck blanks of ash and mahogany for the resos.
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