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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ripping wood for mr Monteleone

Why keep good news secret? Patsy has asked me to build a mahogany and spruce uke in my piccolo size. And I managed to find a scrap piece of my highly valued 1960's mahogany, the same plank as my own soprano and a few others are made from.

The piece is about the right size.

I planed the edges and scored deeply with a marking gauge. 

Then, with my Pax rip saw, I started to cut from the corners. 

And look, three pieces from a 14 mm board. That's better than I could hope for with my bandsaw at this time - it's wobbly and the driving belt just broke. 

Buy a Pax rip saw, join the 19th century (it's a bit lonely here).

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