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Friday, July 18, 2014

Building a frame saw

After seeing the video by Tom Fidgen I ordered the saw blades from Bad Axe toolworks, and after a certain amount of pratting around I put a frame together yesterday. Here are some pics of the later stages. 

The frame is made with double tenon joints. 

I still haven't finalized the shape of the handles, everything is still square and rough. 

The blade is held under tension and the idea is that the saw will enable me to rip or resaw larger pieces of wood than my bandsaw normally lets me. But this is only half of the equipment for doing that - I'm also working on a kerfing plane with a movable fence. That's also the work of Tom Fidgen. If you haven't seen his stuff on youtube you need to check it out. 

And now, our pizza oven:

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