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Sunday, August 3, 2014


It was time to try the theories out! I needed some fretboard blanks and while I was at it I decided to try resawing a chunk of cherry as well. 

This is obviously a shit saw, my Pax rip saw is at home. I actually finished the rip cut with the frame saw. 

Using my newly finished kerfing plane I put a guiding kerf slot around all four sides of the pieces. The one in the pic is a piece of bubinga that I will use for fretboards. 

This is the first slot half done. 

Then, the frame saw! I did notice almost immediately that practice is needed. The first cut went ok but since the bandsaw has gotten better (faced with its new opponent; the frame saw) I made some of the cuts on that. The guide kerfs stop it from drifting. 

And here are some of the parts I made. Left, an ebony guitar fretboard blank that'll make four uke sized boards; next two lengths of bubinga; third, a guitar fretboard blank of rosewood, also good for four uke boards; and to the right two 170 mm cherry slices, enough for one piece soprano soundboards. I'm well chuffed. And I will practise using the framesaw. 

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