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Saturday, December 13, 2014

More easily made inlays

Working with the resonator for my mate Philly-Phil, and he wanted an inlay on the fretboard. Luckily, I had the exact font to use. 

First pic is of the paper, stuck on the board with double stick tape. 

I cut the letters out and fired up the Proxxon router in my home made router base. 

With a 2 mm router bit I removed the bulk of the wood. Then I used tiny chisels to refine edges and corners. I had to grind an edge on one of those tiny tiny screwdrivers you use on spectacles to get all nooks. 

Then I peeled the paper and tape off...

... and here's what it looked like late in the evening. A chip out at the correct place would've made it Philty Phil, like Philty Animal Taylor. 

Out came the Milliput. Wonderful stuff. 

And this morning I could sand off the excess and it's done. It'll be a challenge to position the frets so they don't render it illegible, but it'll work. 

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