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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Resos 79 and 80, done

Well gosh darn, they're all but done. Setting up resos with these coverplates is time consuming at best and frustrating at worst. 

I wish there was a way to remove only the buckle over the bridge, so I could access that for setting the action. Wait, weren't the DRC coverplates made thusly? Yes they were. If only I had gotten the six sets I ordered instead of being robbed for 500 quid! Not that I carry a grudge. Who would for three bloody years. 

Anyway, the Phils will get their resos finally! Number 79 and number 80 couldn't go to better homes or better mates. 

Some fiddling remains, and I'll have a go at a demo vid in a few days. Then it's shipping time. 

They look so good they could almost pass for the real thing, I mean ukes from a sweatshop in China. 

The mahogany is a one piece back and front, and also a one piece rim (remember the post about the two hour bending hell?). The ash is bookmatched all around. 

Fanx for looking! Don't write an email asking for a reso. 
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