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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Strung up, tuned and ready

The only thing left is punching in the serial numbers. I never do that until they're done and through quality control. (Which involves some mind-numbing noodling across C-F-G7 and a bit of droning under a blues scale. You'll see in the vid.)

You can also see my square section tuning fork, when I found it it was tuned to 432 Hz. So I filed it off a bit raising it to 440. 

Tony's inlay, Slayer-esque. They're playing tonight, in bloody Gothenburg. Would you believe it, skipping Stockholm when I haven't seen them in 18 months. 

Paul's birds. Sailor Jerry-esque. 

Mary Agnes's unicorn. Grot-esque. 

I kept the headstock ends rough, and Paul gets a ding from the sawmill as well. I hope no-one minds, I like keeping spots imperfect but maybe I'm the only one?

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