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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wrapping up

The great resonator project of 2016 spills over into 2017 I'm afraid. But delusional as always, I think there's not much left. First pic shows me applying the last or possibly second to last glaze coat, and it does seem to work better than ever. A thinner cut of shellac appears to be the trick. 

Here are the two I did yesterday, one of cherry and one of walnut. Both take the finish well. 

And here's the group photo, I've done the remaining four resos and the Argapa 100 today. Can't wait to buff them out and install the hardware!

And speaking of hardware [writing, I am not talking to myself as I write this... wait, who said that?] I have to finish that stringholder blank. I planed the surfaces with my no.1 plane, and the corners got so sharp I cut both my hands on them. Now with blood and the brown shellac gunk on my fingers I look like an old junkie. Good thing I'm not going to town on errands - oh shit I am. 

Anyway I eased the corners a bit, hopefully without making the shape all mushy. It would have cut into any players strumming hand so I had to. 

And happy new year to you all. Fanx for reading this blog, both of you. Feel free to share, like, retweet or whatever you young people do to promote a cranky old bloke's cranky old diary. 

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