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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Aligning and binding

To properly check the neck before re-attaching it, I made a jig of perspex and carbon fibre rods. The slots make a centre line and the rods slide up against the edges of the fretboard. 

I love one piece tops but sometimes miss the centre line you get on bookmatched ones. Anyway this is looking better and better. 

When I glue the back back on it will be nigh impossible to get it perfectly aligned around the edges. So I can either make a new back or use the old one and bind it. I'll bind it. But I can't have binding around the back without adding it to the front as well, and the front goes first before the neck goes on. I'll use maple and mahogany on the front and maybe just mahogany for the back. 

The works progresses with less stress as I get into it. I feel a bit more in control but I do look forward to finishing this. 

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