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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bridge prep

After cutting off a wee length of the bridge blank I continue working on the height, the contour and the position. Scale length is 280 mm giving a string length for the G, E and A strings of 282 mm. The C string is longer to alleviate any differences in compensation. 

First pic shows lengthwise placing. 

Above is me drawing a couple of lines on low tack masking tape. The ruler butts up along the fretboard edge and the lines ideally are at equal distances from the edges of the body. 

More tape lock the position, and the string spacing divider gives the, well, string spacing. Divided. 

I mark the outer string positions by laying out a ruler on the fretboard where I want them, at appropriate distances from the edge. 

And here you see the gouge I use to move the point of the ridge back for a longer C string. Hopefully I’ll glue it on today. 

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