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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bracing and rosette work

I have had some odd hours in the workshop since the last post. Progress is steady but scattered over several instruments. The mahogany piccolo got a neck block and lining strips glued into the rim, and then I made a rosette and the soundhole in the top. 

After making the channel I bent the thin black maple strip for the rosette. Two full rounds in a spiral, with the ends feathered to zero. 

I usually glue rosettes with superglue but that stuff is nasty. So I went with regular Titebond. The acrylic caul causes the black strip to squish a bit, filling the channel completely. With superglue the strip turns rock hard right away and it’s harder to wing it. 

Then I helped Johan to carve and plane the braces for his mini guitar. He does some fine work when he wants to. 

Not shown: the reso got a neck. Johan’s guitar got the top glued to its sides. See you next weekend, I’m off to Ouagadougou for a bit. 
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