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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Yet another reso

Sorry for being absent! I have been travelling to benefit the Swedish state. But I’m back for a bit and needed to show you a few kitchen pics of my latest effort, the Argapa 107 soprano resonator. 

Hardware is from whatsitsname, in the US. Maybe Republic? I bought it long ago and can’t really remember. A good and reliable supplier, not like that wanker Colin who still owes me money for the cones he never shipped. 

The wood is ziricote, the neck is alder. It has the slight v-shape and knife marks, the way I like it. I’m finding it harder to enjoy those swooshy necks sanded to 12000 grit where the wood looks as if it was cast in a mould. But there might be laziness and denial involved, I’m no shrink. 

I got the ziricote from a dear friend in the UK, he’s a very talented builder and makes lovely instruments for lovely people. Check his blog out here:


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