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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Compensated saddle

The bone saddle is compensated and appears to do the job.

And how does it sound? That's hard to say yet, really, but it sounds
different than the mahogany one next to it. Walnut is a pleasure to
work with but not a classic choice for soundboards. It seems to have a
slightly hollow barky voice, but volume is good and it is a pleasure
to play. No doubt it will mature a bit when strings settle and I get
used to holding it more firmly.

I'll get some friends over I think and let them listen, and they
should bring some ukes for comparision.

I'm really pleased with this my 4th soprano and 7th ukulele. Joints
and alignment and surfaces are getting better, and with the thinner
saddle and nut I think this one looks almost very good.

Thanks for reading!

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