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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almost resurrected

Ouch! This might be to much for Robin (as in "too hot to handle, too cool to touch"). Binding is glued, but I had to use this plain white because the other stuff I had home didn't work well with the glue at hand. I'll buy some better with the accelerator thing. But I like the look of it, like an old school guitar!

So I started the polishing process. Can you believe I promised binding, shellac, AND nail guards? I was either drunk, or Robin must have been very beautiful that night. Nail guards will be put on after a few coats of shellac, I don't want those to bond on bare wood in case I have to replace them.

As you see, I polish with a piece of masking tape where the bridge goes. Thanks Erich on UU for writing about your good experience of doing that. So far no glue from the tape had bled out, and it is easier getting a good finish around the bridge this way.

And thanks to that guy on the internet (I'm sure you know who I mean...) who gave me the idea of using an eraser in the muneca instead of a piece of wool.

I'm gonna let the shellac gas out a bit now.

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