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Sunday, August 14, 2011

First skeleton assembled

I love it when things work out (even if some brute force was involved along with a hammer). I drilled for dowels around the edge, and managed to get the two halves at the right distance.

Next time I'll use a pencil sharpener on the ends, it'll make it easier to press down the second half. And some distance blocks cut to exact height will also be good.

The one standing up is seen from its back, and the well for the cone needs a big cut-out from its bottom. But I have a bus to catch. And at home there are two acoustics waiting for some attention. So I'll leave this pile here at the cottage, hopefully I'll get here next weekend.

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SRC said...

Hi Sven
You have been busy. They look fab.

I post on http://ukesit.blogspot.com/ exclusively now.

Be cool