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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fretboard and stuff

Good evening! I cut the slots and put the frets in tonight. In the pic the pao ferro fretboard just rests on the neck, and a rosewood bridge blank plays the part of mock up bridge. The pao ferro bridge blank was still too big to resemble a bridge.

No markers on this one, except for side dots. They'll be my regular 1.6 mm white dots.


Hillfield said...

Don't know about you, but I'm excited...!

Sven Nyström said...

Yup, I am too. It's my first with really strange woods you know. Even mahogany is quite exotic to a bloke in Sweden, but I'm sort of used to it. All the resin on the bent sides was easy to scrape off btw, so it's gonna look mighty fine.

And I ground the fret ends and glued the fretboard as well, after the pic was taken.

Ronald said...

Looks like a nice faceplate!

Hillfield said...

Aces... I'll probably explode with excitement when it's finished :)