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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finishing concerts, fretboard of juniper

Now how shiny does a uke have to be? If the answer is "glossy", "shiny" or even "rather smooth please", then consider calling someone else. These concerts will sound great, they'll be a pleasure to play and handle. But pores, tool marks and other character marks will make me deduct some.

It usually works like this: I know the price for the ideal uke of each size and configuration. When I'm done building I compare the result to that ideal, and the price drops with every flaw I find. Even though some of the flaws only will be apparent to me.

Then, the next pic. My koa soprano got a juniper fretboard with bar frets. Proper Argapa. Might be so much Argapa spirit it stays with me.

And some one piece tops and backs for piccolos. I got them sanded during the weekend and I'm a-gonna start making them.

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