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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New tools and stuff!!

I went on an online shopping spree around christmas, and made four purchases. Today when I got home from Burkina Faso the fourth and last was waiting for me.

So here it is, the fruits of an investment / reckless cash dispersal, from left to right:
From metmusic.com I got bone blanks for saddles, a japanese gouge for shaping braces, and 48 violin pegs.

Then from an ebay merchant I got 40 metal tuning pegs for 72 dollars including shipping.

Bottom right is the fantastic string spacing gizmo from Ken Timms (Timbuck). He had a spare prototype, and now he has my endless gratitude.

And. Top right. Is a miniature shoulder plane from Lee Valley in Canada. It is magnificent. I bought it not only because I'm obsessed with small planes, but also for shaping braces. Since the blade goes all the way to the edge I'll be able to use it right down to the soundboard. Nifty.

The detail pic shows the size, or tinyness.

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