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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Necks shaped, at last

Some of you know that last week, when I was carving the wenge neck, I cut my finger really bad. So I had to put it on hold a bit. (In the meantime I fixed and gave away two guitars that were taking up valuable space in the shop.)

But yesterday I had an hour to spare so I finished carving with a short two-handled knife. Kind of like those failsafe launch buttons in movies, which require two operators. Then I sanded, a lot more than I usually do. Wouldn't have been possible without the excellent dust mask I got for christmas from my wife - both wenge and walnut are awful to have in your nose.

You can also see on the wenge neck the recess I cut into the heel. Alignment and angle are crucial for these resos, and it's far easier to achieve a good fit if you make that recess.

Both necks will be bolted on with barrel bolts.
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