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Friday, May 31, 2013

Shaping the contour

My piccolos have an arched back, but only arched not domed. I marked the rough outline on the inside and ran (more like wiggled) it through the bandsaw.

Gotta love the mini bandsaw - I took it out from under the bench but had to clear a space for it. So I had it in one hand while I cleared the bench with the other. Big machines are great, but miniatures come in second, before mid sized. 

Then the body is sanded on my very fugly sanding jig. It's made from slotted mdf and scraps, but it still works. 

Some kerfed basswood lining strips are pre-bent to fit the sides. Notice that I stopped using end blocks a few piccolos ago. 

You can also see some of the friday night varnish I'll put on the inside, to get a glossy finish of the week. 

Then it's paper clip time, and the whole thing can rest until tomorrow. Now I'll watch a documentary about The Ramones, I think. And use that varnish. 

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