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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A new bridge blank

My meter of piccolo bridge blank was spent so I needed a new one. Not a meter maybe, but something enough for a few ukes. I shape each bridge a lot after cutting the blank to length, so it could be square in section. But I like having the [extremely] rough section ready, and it saves me the effort of deciding where the grain direction goes each time. 

But in keeping with the seemingly low tech approach of the two current builds I decided not to use my mini table saw. So I reached for, ahem, a few hand tools. 

A jack plane, a smoothing plane, my giant rip saw, a rabbet plane, a small plow plane and a bullnose shoulder plane. 

It only took a little longer than it would have with setting up the table saw and use that, and the resulting surfaces are better. I'll rip this double sided bridge blank down the middle and it'll be enough for six piccolos. 

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