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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Glueing back on the koa concert

Humidity is down and once again it's safe to glue larger pieces. Tonight I'm working on the koa concert I have in progress. This particular koa wood has been a bit of a challenge but I think it'll all be fine when I'm done. 

First I chop out gaps in the cross banding strip. Remember, I build the bodies with the back braces in place before I fit the back. 

How stupid. The picture is upside down. But no matter. 

After the notches are cut I test it in place. 

And then I spread glue and clamp it all down. A couple of go bars complete the setup but the screw/slat arrangement is really good. 

I should also mention that I set the final neck angle by placing a shim under the nut end of the neck before I clamp the uke to the workboard. 

After tightening the wing nuts I check for squeeze out with a small mirror. Had my workshop been of proper scale I would have wandered round my big ruobo bench and looked from all sides but as it is I use a small mirror. 

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