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Saturday, September 13, 2014

More resawing

Something's up with autumn here in the far North - weather's better than it is most summers. We're at the summerhouse and I already mowed the lawn so it was time for some resawing with the kerfing plane and the frame saw. 

This is what we'll use, more or less. The chunk of wood is cherry destined for some piccolo ukes. 

First I needed to true the face of the board, I used a no. 4 and a no. 7 plane. 

I actually quite like the Black & Decker Workmate bench (not that I'd ever admit it in public). Especially on sunny days. 

After that I started making the kerf along the planed face using the kerfing plane. I set the fence to roughly 5 mm. 

All four edges are scored. I noticed that the Workmate started to rock a bit when I did the ends. 

Out came the frame saw, and away I went. The bench almost jumped. The clamps and slats helped steadying the plank and keep it from rocking loose. 

So I put a couple of concrete plinths across the base, and then my dad came by and gave me a hand by holding the top of the plank while I struggled with the frame saw. 

After around twenty minutes I was through. 

And these are the surfaces, in need of some planing. And indeed a beer in need of some drinking. 

Both the kerfing plane and this frame saw are the designs of Tom Fidgen. Check him out on Youtube for some high grade inspiration. 

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