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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Home stretch on finish, #78

Very little work remains on the number 78! My customer has waited patiently and still does, but there ain't gonna be much more of that. 

The french polished shellac finish has hardened well and I was able to rub it with some burnishing cream to a fairly good gloss. 

As always the area around the bridge was hard, but a breeze compared to the nightmare that was the fretboard end. Why did I do that to myself?

I really liked this set of koa wood, but it did not behave like any other. It was hard to judge thickness and flex during the build, but it seems fine now. And look at that grain pattern. 

I pore filled with chalk as I've shown in a recent post. The result is good. I'm willing to say now that I can make a decent finish. (And let others debate the toughness of shellac.)

As you can see in the last pic it's bot completely flat. But quite good I think. And that's what counts around here. 

The only thing remaining is adjusting the saddle and some peg soap on the wooden tuners. 

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