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Friday, January 30, 2015

Necks please!

I thought about more neck related puns and believe me, I came up with a few. But I am a benevolent and mild online presence and decided to spare you. 

Yesterday I finished carving the two piccolo necks I'm working with. In the pic you can also see the lined bodies awaiting the necks. 

Wait..! You can also see tools*. So let's take the tour. Starting at the bottom we have the small wooden contour plane from Lee Valley. Above, and lying on the neck profile / fretting template, a Miller's falls cigar spokeshave. Then my new carving knife (I misplaced the first and made this). Past the necks is the Veritas apron plane, and to the right of that an item listed on ebay as "a luthier's plane", but I suspect it's a brass spokeshave with sawn off handles. The my no.1 smoother, a Lie-Nielsen. On the carving jig is a flat soled Ibex finger plane, and the larger carving knife, from Frosts in Sweden. 

For some reason I didn't use chisels this time, that's a first and I didn't notice until now. 

Here's the Spanish cedar neck on Phil's reso, with several layers of shellac:

Here's the Swedish alder neck on Phil's reso, with several layers of shellac:

*) "Tools" to be groaned in a Gollum voice. 

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