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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Last stab at resos?

Oh no! More resos! And two long days of risking fingers and sanity by the router. 

First all parts were laid out on the plywood, and cut out with a handheld jigsaw. The closer to the line you cut, the less routing and that is a good thing. 

You can see here that I should have gone even closer to the lines. The SHIT CRAP router bits that were available for purchase are sooo bad and can't take much of a beating. What happens is that the bearings just disintegrate - the caps at either end fly off and then the bearing balls follow. Luckily I bought five bits. Before the third one broke I added a couple of tiny washers above and below the bearing, and that helped it through the day. 

The top halves get a layer of 4 mm plywood glued to the underside, and that is routed flush to the main part. 

Then the second layer of 4 mm plywood is added, in my ancient book press. This is to form the lip at the bottom of the well for the cone. 

That one is routed flush to the outside, and cut with a fly wheel cutter to open the bottom, leaving the lip or ledge for the cone. 

Are we having fun yet?

These are the finished halves. The thing that pleases me the most is that I have all fingers left. I really hate the router. 

With the halves securely taped together I drill for the 8 mm dowels (which I forgot to bring). 

And that's that. What remains to do is to glue them together with a solid piece as a neck block, and the dowels to hold the rest. 

These might be the last skeletons I make in this fashion. I have a feeling that the router will take at least a finger if I keep using it. So after lunch I'm gonna see if I can't resaw some mahogany instead, with the frame saw. 

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