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Friday, March 27, 2015

Eraser revisited

My daughter has a block of mahogany that she planed with the Lie Nielsen no.1, and now she's polishing it with shellac to get it shiny. So this morning she used my go to muneca, the raggedy one with stripey parts. The jar holds my collection of munecas. 

With company in the workshop I wanted to give the piccolos a coat or two of shellac. On today's schedule was fronts and backs (yesterday was sides and necks day). With the best muneca busy, I dug into the jar and found my eraser model. That is an eraser wrapped in cloth. The sharp corners makes it well suited for use around bridges and fretboards, but I've used it less and less because of its inferior capacity to hold shellac. But I gave it a go and I must say, it's darned easy to use and it gives a great surface. 

(Behind the uke you can see parts of the Argapa Archives, a meticulously kept list of all ukes I've built.)

So, a new routine shapes up. First a few coats applied with the brush. Most of this gets scraped off when levelled. Then a number of coats with the soft muneca that holds larger quantities of shellac. Then the later coats with the eraser muneca, to give it a flatter surface directly from polishing. 

I'll let you in on how it works. Provided I remember to implement it. 

But another thing; look at this. The ninth reso under way. 

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