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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Neck fitting

I trimmed the overhanging bits of the soundboard on all three ukes, so it was time to fit the necks. There is one step that isn't in the pics though, and that's me hollowing out the heel face slightly. It makes sanding the heel possible since only the edges are in contact with the abrasive paper. Had the entire heel been it would've rocked and gotten round. 

So after that crucial step I check the neck for square. The stripe makes it easy. 

Then with the pressure put where it's needed I drag the neck on sandpaper that's stuck on a piece of aluminium. I do this until everythings good and true, both sideways...

... and angle wise. My angle needs to be set now since the skeletons in the resos won't budge, but on acoustic instruments I make it 90 degrees and set the angle when I glue the back. (I will do that on a soprano in a few weeks.)

With the jig and my favourite drill, I make the two holes for the barrel bolt and the screw. The drill had two speeds, depending on where you attach the crank. 

The same jig is used on the body to make the one hole for the screw. 

And after a little fiddling (but it did go faster than normal on these three) they're all done. 

Next up, backs and fretboards!

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