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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Soundhole screens and glue up

It was time to clean the workshop, but I figured the resonator tops would be much easier to clear away if they were glued to the skeletons. So in order to do that I needed to put the mesh screens in place. I cut them from aluminium mesh made for fixing rust holes in cars. 

The screens are fiddly to keep in place, but I flatter myself with the fact that this solution only took me four years - steel rulers on one side and magnets on the other. 

I have used epoxy before but couldn't be arsed today so I tried superglue instead. I added some baking soda to thicken it. It worked alright. 

And now those small cleats come in handy again, because it's glue up time!

The old book press is at home now, I took it from the summer house yesterday for this clamping. Thanks to the cleats there is no slippage. I'll glue all three today, then it's neck carving time!

And I need to clean the workshop. 

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