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Friday, November 6, 2015

Drilling for tuners

Sorry for not posting any updates for such a long time, you must be starved of my Swemerican musings and tool pics. The fretboards are fretted and glued onto the necks so it's time to consider the tuners. 

In the first pic you can see the tuners I use on the already heavy resonator ukes, and the one on the right is dismantled to show the parts. The post (at the top) needs a 5 mm hole and the bushing (second from top) needs a hole just under 8 mm. It should be a press fit so an 8 mm hole won't do and a 7.5 mm will be to small. 

But the post goes through the bushing of course so we need a counterbored, or stepped, hole. This is fiddly to do with drill bits so I bought a few new tools. 

A couple of step drills and two different countersink drills. They're a bit rough but they will do. 

Measuring all the parts of the different drill bits I found that one of them was a combo of a 5 mm brad point drill, and... (wait for it)... a countersink of just under 8 mm! What luck. Although I was hoping that one of the yellow Devo hat looking ones would fit the bill, they're so much better looking. 

Onwards with my favourite drill. 

First hole sorted. No depth stop needed since the countersink doesn't grab and pull itself down. 

But aiming with the cast iron drill isn't easy so I dug out the drill guide I never use, and made 5 mm pilot holes with the cordless drill. Then I used the countersink thingie and all holes turned out perfect. 

But why do we need the holes already? Easy - without holes I can't hang the ukes to dry when I put the finish on. Wait, finish? Really? Where are the pics of that, I hear you ask. Or is it the voices in my head...

The first layers are drying, and I will show you in a bit. Stay tuned, as they say, for more rock'n'roll. 

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