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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Here they are, the three resos. And a mandobird on which is slapped a tenor guitar neck. That neck has cost me some time away from the resos, but this weekend I thought I could finish the French polishing process. The first layers were applied with a goat hair brush and levelled with scrapers and steel wool. So it was the glaze coats that remained, I thought. 

Here's me doing magic circles with the magic pad. Do not try to understand the process. 

It went quite well, but I have to do some wet sanding before the final final glaze coats are perfect. This puts the completion date a bit further into the future I'm afraid since I have to go to Vietnam the week after next. But I can't hide behind the bad boy image all the time, I want these three to look really good. 

And there are a few other small things to do. Here I'm rounding the fret ends with a small file to make them smooth. 

I'll try to do that wet sanding tomorrow, I promise. 

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