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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bad choices, bad consequences

Anyone besides me thinking things have gone far to smoothly lately? That one good thing has led to the next, no worries and no setbacks? Well it's time for an uncensored reality check. First I thought I shouldn't post pics of the crap but after all, this is a public service blog for all those wrestling with building (or more likely, wrestling with finding anything better to read).

Andy's and Bernard's ukes are almost done, I left the shellac from last weekend to cure this entire week. A glaze coat went on today and maybe it's time to drill the holes for tuners and cover plate screws soon?

But what have I been up to in the mean time then. I decided to resaw some cherry for two more resos.

I planed a block, making a face flat and smooth, then all the edges at right angles to that face. 

And a longer one for the sides. 

But to save some time and effort I skipped the kerfing plane and made the kerfs on the mini table saw. I made the cuts at the same distance I would with the kerfing plane in preparation for the frame saw. Do they seem a bit close together? Stay tuned. 

And here it started to proceed southwards. The frame saw is at the cottage so my Pax rip saw was called into duty. It's a very good saw. But it lacks the tension and the discipline of the frame saw. 

Well. We need kindling for the fire too don't we. The frame saw is on its way home fanx to my mom who was in its vicinity today. 

This wood is more or less wasted. Maybe I can get some headplates out of the remains if I can get over my disappointment and run it through the sander. 

Moral of the story today; don't try to do advanced stuff with tools that aren't suited. The Pax saw would probably have done ok in mahogany or ash, but cherry and other species have fibres that make the saw wander. 

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