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Saturday, May 7, 2016


I'm 600 kilometers north of Stockholm, to help my brother in law clear out a house. But I brought the mobile finishing workshop, an Argapa exclusive. 

Where it is? In the antique case of course. 

I bought the case to use it as a case for two ukes but haven't got around to furnishing the inside yet. For this however it was perfect. I brought scrapers, sanding pads, shellacing supplies and my brush. 

Then I coaxed a very handsome young man into applying the first coats of shellac. 

Over the course of yesterday I (he) applied several coats, levelling them between with scrapers and steel wool. And then they hung to dry. Maybe even to catch some tan, cherry will do that. 

And today I switched to the muneca and padded on a couple of coats. No oil yet but I think I will have to use that soon. And now they hang inside the house. 

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