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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Carving necks in the wilderness

The fight for consistency and quality continues. Rather than carving one at the time I chose to making them in parallel. So after marking the width at the nut and the 13th fret position I connected the marks with lines and drew the angle cuts on the heel end. Then I saw off the waste. 

The leftovers have a very typical shape and are all over the workshop, even this temporary shop. I put them to good use, lighting up the barbecue. 

Then I carve them all at the nut end to give the spokeshave an exit point. At this point I almost caved in and started to carve them. 

But looking at them from this position I remembered all the necks I carved without seeing to the headstock thickness first. So I marked them all with a marking guage, 10 mm all around. 

When I planned these ukes I thought I was going to thickness the headstocks in a drum sander, but I have to use my small brass plane, most likely a concave spokeshave with its handles broken off. 

And I upgraded the hat. 

Heres a pic of the plane. If you look closely at the edges of the headstock you can see the fraying that occurs when the planed surface reaches the guage line. 

First five done, I'll do the last four tomorrow. Then it's time for carving, at last. 

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